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Friday, 05 November 2010 21:21 | Written by Administrator


DIYSoundLab (Do-It-Yourself Sound Laboratory) is a private site by Taras Ivashchyshyn dedicated to audio-reproduction related projects.

One morning few years ago I woke up and realized that I neglected my passions in DIY electronics and music. Because I never played with modern High-End audio equipment, I decided to create something that will sound like it and will not cost me my house or car. I had years and years of experience in electronics and desperately wanted to hear that magical sound in my room. After days of searching internet for information and trying to make sense of conflicting data from different sources, decision was made – start with modification of already existing product and experiment. Choice – Chinese ZERO DAC based on AD1852 DAC chip…

Now I want to share with you my experience and some of my findings.

Caution! This Website is about naked high-end without BS about $100 electrical fuses or other “magical black boxes” that change the sound “dramatically” (Hmmm… It must be the case of Dementia which I wish you to never encounter in your life.) Author is not paid by any company or magazine to promote products.

Disclaimer: please do not try anything you see or read about on this site at home. Intent of this site is not to provide you with safe DIY steps to reproduce products listed here, but reflect author’s way of doing things. Whatever you decide to do or copy – do it at your own risk.

Mail me: tarasiv(at)  (replace (at) with @ symbol).

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