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Tuesday, 15 January 2013 20:11 | Written by Administrator

Newest Review from LampizatOr (Lukasz Fikus):

VC-02 from DIYSoundlab

I am a DIY guy and a manufacturer of boutique High-End equipment. I needed a volume control solution. I tried and tested them all.  Alps blue pot, Noble pot, DIY Hifisupply ladders, TVC autoformer, DACT resistor stepped switches and its copies from elsewhere. I never found a good solution untill I found the TAIV  DIYSoundlab resistor switched VC.  I immediately knew this is the solution for me. It does everything I need and it does it without the sound degradation. It has 63 steps, almost 3 times more than rotary switches like DACT. It has remote control - which is unavailable from any solution except the motorized pot and except chip based electronic VC's.  It has 4 extra analog inputs, unlike any other solution. It has a visual display - unlike any other solution. It should last tens of years without switching noises and poor contacts - unlike the manual rotary switches and pots which inevitably develop popping switching noises and tracking imbalances. It has 3 logic output signals, unlike any other solution. TAIV has many secondary features, like dimming of display, adjustable backlight, software-limited number of inputs, programmable third party remotes, manual "pseudo pot" dial wheel, and many more. Gold plated vacuum encapsulated contacts assure very long life expectancy and pure connections. In one word - the VC-02 provides a trouble free VC from the comfort of my chair and flexibility to apply it in balanced and SE circuits, in preamps, power amps, integrated amps,  in DACs, and in passive attenuators. It can work in the context of DIY projects as well as professional OEM  manufacturing. The price being less than 2 x DACT ticket is very affordable considering what this kit can do. I can't imagine my DAC with any other solution than TAIV VC-02.
Lukasz "lampizatOr" Fikus

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